Talented PHP Programmer required - apply now!


Update 29.12.2006

Greetings again! - we are looking for yet another programmer! Most of the below still apply with a few additional points listed here:


Ok - if you made it this far, good on ya! We are looking for an exceptional programmer to join our team in New Zealand. Good talent is hard to find - so why limit your pool of prospects to the local market only - heck, we'll even consider Aussies!

Why move to New Zealand? Well, its a bloody good place to live. Its a cruisy lifestyle, we don't start wars, no daily red/orange/amber alerts and its just plain beautiful. Granted if you like the rat race then New Zealand is probably not for you (and honestly we probably don't want you here anyway). But if you are interested, keep reading...

The company I am involved is a dynamic, profitable young internet startup. We have a small young staff from all parts of the world. It is fun, open and occasionally very un-pc place to work (in other words, we get things done!) Its the type of business you can't wait to get started when the day begins. We are going through a growth phase right now, so we are looking for someone to get in early and grow with our business.

This is what we are looking for:

  • Good English Skills. Because if you talked to us in any other language we probably wouldn't understand you.
  • Good Microsoft Skills: Just kidding (we don't want you)
  • PHP programming. At least 4 years programming experience. Thats not to say I am not keen on other languages, its just we have some legacy PHP you'll need to suss out from time to time. If you are good at other languages (python, ruby, perl, lua, lisp etc) include that in your CV/Resume
  • Database Skills: You know MySQL and SQL (ok so does everyone else). But you know it really well!
  • Ability work with Legacy code: Some of our php code kicks arse, some of it blows. That being said, you'll get a full breakdown on how all of it works. Part of your job will be to continually improve our existing systems -mainly so everything is automated so we all can take holidays to Fiji etc.
  • Good OO and Organisional skills: The projects that we work on are quite complex. We need someone who can write elegant code that can get reused. Knowing how to write database schemas is a definate plus.
  • Good Linux/Unix Server skills: You'll need to know how to manage Linux Servers
  • Good Attitude: You knowledge and abilities will be stretched. This is not a 9 to 5 job, this is our lifestyle for us. We don't want negative people here. We have big plans and ambitions and you can be a part of all this! We don't care if you run with your scissors, just as long as you play well with others ;)

Still reading? Some other skills that are helpful include:

  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • CVS
  • Server Load Balancing
  • Rsync
  • SSH
  • Knowledge of Russian (not required, just helpful)
  • Knowledge of Travel Software
  • Knowledge of Website Statistics and Analytics (eg conversion tracking).

Still reading? We have one project we are looking build in the near future. We will probably have you work on this remotely (if you live outside of Auckland) to cut your teeth on a project first.

Still interested? Ok then. Contact me at the email below. Send your CV/Resume with an email why you like to work for us. This is serious offer - we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!